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'' The computers are useless.
They only give answers ''.

(Pablo Picasso)

We were born in 1995, pioneers of the Internet with the idea of simplifying the communication and Web offer a complete service to customers seeking a single point, simplicity, reliability and certainty.

The company offers advanced Web, Internet solutions, services for telecommunications, Mobile interconnections and wide ICT services.
Initially Fotonica proposed its services on the local market where work in quality of Internet service provider and guarantees assistance to beyond 2000 customers also offering hi quality Web Design and contents.

Subsequently Fotonica widens the own horizons and passes to imaging and realize Web software platform called CAMO (www.camo.sm). It is born a new era of the CMS and Fotonica it is newly a pioneers and an active player of the market.
Fotonica and CAMO become a winning binomial, our software sold in all Italy and in San Marino Republic.
San Marino institutions like the Secretariats of State, the Independent Companies, the Institutes, the Office of State for the Tourism are prestigious CAMO Customers, but also prestigious Italian and international players, like the City of Riccione and “Europa Donna” the UE Cancer Coalition which use with maximum satisfaction CAMO CMS and generate million of web contacts (please find out on our portfolio on www.camo.sm ).

The Internet has no secrets and the web has always been our passion.