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Camo E-Commerce

Sell your products all over the world thanks to the E-commerce advantages:
We supply a user-friendly e-commerce platform that enhances your products at great value!
Fotonica E-commerce platform gives you the chance to manage your web portals and sites B2B or Business to Consumer.
Our platform with its user-friendly graphic interface and features is simple for both administrators and users. It enriches your products with on line images and catalogues.

Platform features

Our platform offers a window shopping full of items with images, product sheets and price information. Users can check the availability of products, choose among different and alternative solutions or complementary proposals of system and complete the purchase in a simple and intuitive way.

Cart feature
Cart feature gives user the feeling of going shopping in a real store. Thanks to the high technology there is a high level of interactivity between user and interface and the choice of items for purchase is made in the same way as in a real store.

On line catalogue
Users can visualize products on sale through an on-line catalogue composed of detailed items data sheets.

Graphic interface customization
Front end side, i.e. that one displayed by users who visit the e-commerce web site, can be customized from a graphic point of view.

Integration with payment methods
Platform allows setting up any traditional method of payment, e.g. bank swift or cash on delivery; moreover it is possible to receive payments directly on line by credit card and bank card (Visa, Mastercard e Bank American Express).