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A secure base for your web and internet services.

The reliability and the efficiency of an excellent infrastructure at a great level!

Fotonica is the ideal environment to host CAMO platforms: an internet data centre equipped with high level technologies able to provide great services with high reliability.

An excellent infrastructure guarantees high quality services supply at the highest security standards, reliability, performance and the chance to meet the need of every company.

Each system is constantly connected to internet with a bandwith of 155 MB.
Each system is protected by the most advanced security systems and it has been projected to eliminate malfunctioning.

The continuous availability of services is granted by:
Redounded hardware
Redounded internet connections
flexible and relocatable architecture
telecontrol tools hardware and software
Redounded power supplì systems
Redounded groups of continuity
Diesel generator
Conditioning systems
Fire and flood proof systems
Your data security is granted by:
High quality firewall constantly updated
Anti intrusion systems
Closed-circuit televisions
Access control system in the data centre

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