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Version 6.0: features

Here as it follows a brief about CAMO PLATFORM FEATURES

Platform PA owns all the features to control which licence is more suitable for your reality.
Consult features included in each licence.


Create versions in different languages with just one platform!

Camo makes possible the organization of the content on different channels: a channel can be defined as a folder of homogeneous contents where correlated information are kept apart from the other ones. Channels allow managing one or more portals through a single CAMO system: every channel is completely independent from each other and can be provided with its own sections structure and a personalized design. Channels also allow complete management on behalf of a third part.


Shape the most suitable structure for each cannel!

Camo software allows a hierarchical organization of contents: every channel of the system represents a root from which it is possible to develop a tree structure completely independent from those of other channels. The system allows the construction of portals without extension limits.

Recycle bin

Manage your web site easily!

The recycle bin is a measure of protection from the permanent clearance of the portal sections. It avoids accidental cancellation of a big amount of data. What gets eliminated from the structure is automatically moved to the platform recycle bin and it is permanently removed from the system only after clear confirmations.


Arrange your pages in an effective way!

CAMO system allows the management of joint pages composed by multimedia textual elements combined in a very complex way. It is possible to program a temporal validity for each content (e.g. from Monday to Saturday next week). Beyond a set time validity the content won’t be visible to users.

Home Page

Advertise your main contents in an effective way!

CAMO allows the management of a shop window for each channel. This is very useful as it increases visibility and success of the portal internal sections. The system allows the management of very complex homepages which are composed by structured multimedia and textual elements even in a complex way.


Arrange your contents in an effective way!

Camo system allows the advertisement of particular OBJECTS which are useful to provide organized representations of structured data. It is possible the management of three typologies of objects: “Table representations” of information, “Photo Gallery” and “Document Archive”. All the three typologies can support attached files for the content.


Interact and collect data from your users!

CAMO allows publishing interactive instruments (e.g. subscription forms, questionnaire, etc.) through which users can provide their data and preferences. Moreover the system can publish forms composed by a set of fields and also a test to verify the validity of the values filled in every field. Only the fillings standing the test make possible data saving into the system. Data collected from the forms can be consulted in real time and down loaded on your Pc for the next data processing.


Interact and find out your users’ preferences!

CAMO system allows publishing interactive polls that are useful to analyse public opinion about a peculiar topic in the portal pages.
Every poll permits the expression of one only preference per user and it allows trend analyses in real time. It is possible to program a temporal validity range for each poll (e.g. from Monday to Saturday next week). After expiring date the poll won’t permit any expression of preference but it will keep on showing results.

Event Calendar

Communicate your most important events!

CAMO allows the management of a calendar where it is possible to put in events arranged in categories (e.g. “courses”, “meetings” and “product presentation”). Users can have a look to the calendar through graphic displays. The calendar also allows the application of filters to data. To every event can be associated a detailed page where you can find forms to subscribe the event, documents to be down loaded, photo gallery, videos and sound track.

Internet users

Limit the access to reserved sections!

CAMO allows the management of protected sections that can be looked up exclusively by users who own a special account. It is possible to specify which sections can be public and which sections require special accounts to log in. A user is typically required to authenticate himself/herself with a user name/password. Then the system records them.


Update and manage your web site freely!

Operators are those people who create and make available resources and services to users through portals. They update and manage the portal through CAMO console. CAMO platform owns a multi users console to update the portal and a set of tools to create updating accounts to be given to operators in order to manage the system in a partial or total way.

Access statistics

Check your web site success!

CAMO records information about the portal consultation by internet users. For each contact recorded by the system, operators get information about the performance evaluation, the type of users, the trend of success for each section, channel and on the whole.

Banner circuit

Choose what you want to advertise!

A banner is a graphic element, it stays in one place on a page, like a magazine ad, but it can present multiple images, include animation and change appearance in a number of other ways. CAMO allows the management of the banner so that operators can sell the advertising spaces in the portal. The system permits arranging banners in categories and locating them accordingly the topic (e.g. “sport”, “industry”, “banner home page”, etc.)



Dictionaries are made of system word (e.g. “search”, “other news”, “print”) visualized with contents in the portal pages. The system words are called “entries”. The chance of language edition portals requires many dictionaries. Each one must be associated to a proper channel and supply the translation to the language of the edition.


Enrich your pages with your favourite files!

Contents are usually integrated with different files in order to enrich the simple textual content and to arise the level of interaction between internet users and the portal pages. CAMO supports displayable files (e.g. images, videos), interactive (e.g. movies, macro media flash, audio), or files that can be stored on Pc in order to be used later.

Direct access

Make your access to your portal easier!

CAMO allows the creation of “direct access addresses” (e.g. www.dominio.com/corsi) that make easier the access to channels and internal sections. Through the creation of direct access addresses system operators can create the most suitable numbers of access points for portals.


Set up your system settings!

CAMO owns the tools to set up the general settings that determine the entire operating system. In particular through the updating console it is possible to set up the address from where the automatic e-mails, generated from the system, are stored.

SW for JPG management

Elaborate your pictures!

CAMO allows personalizing your portal. It does not put restrictions on capacity (space in Kb) and pictures dimensions. The software with its CAMO platform allows the reduction of the pictures dimensions according to automatic settings.

Help editor

Insert your favourite formatting!

The help editor is a tool that allows even unskilled users to insert particular text formatting in the portal (e.g. hyperlink, bold fonts, coloured fonts, etc.) The help editor activation extends the updating console masks with the most common word processors features and buttons.

Site map

Surfing on a web site has never been easier!

The feature “Site map” is a tool that makes the web consultation easier as it shows the hierarchical structure of the sections contained in the web site.

Search engine

You can quickly find the information you are looking for!

To reduce the number of a research results and allow efficacy, the integrated search engine index-links only some textual fields in the platform. The results of every research are presented per decreasing index of relevance.


You can find out your web traffic every time you want!

CAMO is provided with a monthly pre-paid traffic volume, calculated on the average needs estimated for each licence.

RSS and Podcast

A new way to broadcast contents on the web!

CAMO allows the feed RSS generation (Really Simple Syndication). The RSS is family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works —such as news headlines,news summary, titles—in a standardized format. Web feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically. They benefit readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from favored websites or to aggregate feeds from many sites into one place.


The printable version as you like!

The feature “PRINT” allows printing contents free from graphic elements but it can also be set up in different ways according to your needs.

E-commerce module

E-commerce module allows the complete management of a virtual store where it is possible to show your own products by arranging them in categories and selling them through secure methods of payments or through the traditional ones.

Products can be managed according to limited or unlimited availability and different tax rates.

In each web site page there is a virtual shopping cart and it is possible to record users’ profiles. Both features make purchases on line procedure easy and fast. The cart related to an incomplete order accumulates a list of items for purchase which is suggested to customer once again he/she is back to the web site. The virtual store supports many shipping and payment methods at flat rates. It allows fulfilled order to be exported through external systems and it owns automatic features to send invoices and notes to customers through e-mail.

CAMO back office owns a totally integrated E-commerce module that can be personalized according to the store owner. It is set up to manage variable priced shipping methods, promotions and discounts. Complex implementations can require an ad hoc quotation.