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Past is important: it creates robust bases for the future

Fotonica is a team of people grown up with the Web. We have explored solutions to increase the value of enterprise resources
In 1995 we are internet pioneers and our journey into the World Wide Web starts with marketing web access services and first solutions for the web communication.

In 1998 the Web is static but we are already thinking of how it might be so we start to work on advanced service solution researches. Our staff captures the attention of customerrs with new designs and web communication innovation.

We create the first web system for a political campaign and www.elections.sm is bors. On this web site all the information about how to vote and final results are published in real time and available to everyone: a big revolution!
We build the first E-commerce web sites that allow the commplete management of e virtual store where it is possible to show off products, to organize them in categories and sell them out with secure payment methods.

In 1999 www.smn.sm is born in San Marino. It is the first San Marino web portal and the first web marketing operation with citizen and enterprise services: free web-mail, web space, integrated local journalistic services, global information.
We are the first to offer all these services in one unique citizen and enterprise tailor made recipient.

In 2000we start our expansion into new territories with integrated web and internet services.
The web is rising, applications and nets are interfacing more and more and we have the right solutions to customers' needs.
we build the San Marino Tennis Federation Web offering tennis results in real time and live broadcasting.
the real time web and phone service for the special rally in San Marino is also a great success.

In 2001 we receive the first job order from the Alfa lum that requires us to manage their orders through the Web.
Our solutions are successful in Italy too where we start to realize many web communication projects and data base management applications.
Tired of the usual and static web sites, secure of being able to solve customers' problems, who were supposed to buy theirs tools from different suppliers to make their web communication, in 2002 CAMO 1.0 is born. CAMO is the CMS that makes communication simpler. The CMS that simplifies communication is now reality! The user friendly interface anables evryone to make changes in real time on a web site. Communication becomes very simple. The new solution is cheap and is equipped with all the necessary services to be on line. hosting, traffic, disk space, graphic and services.

In 2002 we create successful solutions for bank institutes which enable everyone to make banking operations through a simple Sms or through the Web. Our systems get interfaced with whatever system and whatever net: total integration is now reality!

In 2003 Fotonica wants to reach other goals:

1)Every year a new service will be created
2)CAMO will have to evolve and be better through the creation of new versions able to meet more and more customers’ needs.
3)CAMO as brain and heart of new services, that is to say a lot of dedication, investing in development and research and raise more and more.

In 2004 CAMO Net marketing is born
In 2005 CAMO Newsletter; CAMO 2.0 is born
In 2006 CAMO Brochure; CAMO 3.0 is born
In 2007 CAMO Data Centre; CAMO 4.0 is born
In 2008 CAMO Video Live; CAMO 5.0 is born
IN 2009 CAMO Digital Signage; CAMO 6.0 is born

Meanwhile we are working hard for our customers:
A lot of interfacing solutions with Database and web for research, orders, purchases, marketing, integration for San Marino Telecom and Prima (mobile phone), mobile net, MMS, micro payments, telephone refill, web2phone.

We are in 2010, integration between nets, systems and web communication are our strongholds but at the same time we always try to innovate and create new solutions and services suitable for evolving communication.

Up to now CAMO has been choosen by prestigious names that have confirmed our innovating skill: Peoples friendship meeting, San Marino RTV, UniversitĂ  di San Marino, Consip Spa, ICE Istituto Italiano Commercio Estero, www.visitsanmarino.sm, Casa di Cura Columbus, Azienda Autonoma di Stato per i Servizi, SCM Group, Valleverde, CSDL, SMT, PRIMA, Federazione Sammarinese Giuoco Calcio, Tracce.it, Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Sammarinese, Federazione Auto Motoristica.Sammarinese, Europa Donna, Fondazione Internazionale Giovanni Paolo II, Progetto Sorriso, Soroptimist and many others that every year confirm Fotonica innovation skill.